About Custodian Vaults

Custodian Vaults confidential and detailed understanding of clients’ needs has been developed on decades of experience and knowledge gained through Pallion, Australasia's largest independent precious metal services group.


Custodian Vaults' mission centres on providing secure safety deposit box solutions to deliver our clients unrivalled service, security and privacy. Independent of the Australian banking system, Custodian Vaults offers the region’s most convenient way to store everything from bullion to documents, jewellery, hard drives and other valuables. Our logistics network can provide transportation of your contents anywhere in the world.


The Custodian Vaults facility has been designed and constructed from the ground up and incorporates a unique combination of physical surveillance, cutting-edge technology and superior security including bio-metric identification, pin code access, 24-hour CCTV monitoring, alarm and fire control systems.


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At Custodian Vaults, security is paramount. Our state of the art facility provides unparalleled security for your precious commodities. From 24-hour physical monitoring, to bio-metric identification and sophisticated motion detection systems, Custodian Vaults ensures unparalleled security at all times whilst maintaining strict adherence to Australian federal security regulations.

Custodian Vaults security guarding safety deposit boxes in discrete manner


Custodian Vaults offers complete discretion at every level.

-  Discrete Sydney and Perth CBD locations

-  Secure private access

-  Private viewing suite

-  Personnel who appreciate the importance of privacy and confidentiality

Custodian Vaults private viewing suite offers complete discretion


Custodian Vaults is an independent Australian private vaulting facility.

We operate outside of the Australian banking system, ensuring you are able to control and manage your assets with complete freedom and subject to our comprehensive Privacy Policy.


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Custodian Vaults securing safety deposit box door
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