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Custodian Vaults is Australia's premier state-of-the-art secure storage and safety deposit box facility. For ten years we’ve been offering unrivalled protection and discretion to clients. Our secure and discreet safety deposit boxes are now available in two locations, Sydney and Perth. 

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Custodian Vaults Perth

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Location: Lower Ground / 50 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000. 

Custodian Vaults Perth offers five varieties of safety deposit box for our clients, click here to see sizes and pricing.    

This link will take you to our order form where you can secure lock in your safety deposit box for the first 12 months. By reserving your box today will ensure you don’t miss out upon opening of our Perth vault.  

Please note: By reserving your box, your agreement will not be generated until you have attended the vault to take hold of the keys.

This means even though you're reserving now, your annual agreement won't begin until you attend the vault in February and take possesion of your keys. Of course you're able to select your expected 'move in' date.

If you have already reserved your account and wish to attend Custodian Vaults Perth to collect your keys or access your box, click here to book an appointment.

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