Custodian Vaults jewellery storage

Jewellery Storage can be difficult, as you often want to wear it.
It is ideal to consolidate the storage of your jewels so you have a portion of your valuables at home and keep the rest in a safe and secure facility.

Remember your jewels are treasures, no matter if their value is sentimental or monetary.
Keeping them safe in a secure facility allows you a lifetime of enjoyment for not only yourself but your children.

Custodian Vaults gives you unlimited access to your vault 6 days per week allowing you to come by and pick up those last minute items like earrings, necklaces and rings for a special dinner or event.

We recommend having your jewellery valued by a professional and having copies of their value and receipts with them as well as in a secondary secure place. 

Custodian Vaults is a specialty vaulting facility. Custodian Vaults lists many of its clients as some of the top gemstone dealers in Sydney. We pride ourselves on being able to adequately store gold, silver, platinum and precious metals as well as any and all gemstones including Diamonds, Opals and other rare stones.

Custodian Vaults is specifically designed for secure storage in a discreet manner. An ideal solution for Jewellery storage for both a commercial and personal nature.

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