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Custodian Vaults offers short-term and long-term leases to suit the requirements of private clients, families, offices and business partners from around the world. Our state-of-the-art private vault includes 24-hour physical monitoring,     bio-metric access and licenced security personnel to ensure complete peace of mind.

Keep Your Valuables Secure


Custodian Vaults is a purpose built facilites in the Sydney and Perth CBD built to hold the weight of bullion as well as any other items that you need to keep safe. Each safety deposit box in our private vault has been specifically designed to hold standard international bullion sizes and weights. As a member of Australasia's leading precious metals group, Custodian Vaults offers unparalleled access to LBMA accredited Bullion products through its sister company ABC Bullion.


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Custodian Vaults safety deposit boxe holding gold bullion private vault storage


Custodian Vaults counts the region’s premier jewellery and gemstone dealers as clients. We pride ourselves on being able to store secure gold, silver, platinum and precious metals as well as all gemstones including diamonds, opals and other rare stones. At a personal level, Custodian Vaults gives unlimited access to your vault 6 days per week during business hours, allowing you to collect those last minute items for special events.


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Custodian Vaults jewellery and diamond private vault storage


Items such as deeds, wills, and other legal documents are best stored away from the home or office and in a secure, centralised facility. To that end, we work with leading legal and accounting firms to store confidential business documentation. Examples of important documents to store at Custodian Vaults include: Intellectual Property; Birth Certificates; Contracts; Shares/Bond Certificates; Wills; Deeds; and Passports.


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Custodian Vaults passports, important documents, private vault storage


Custodian Vaults offers a truly international private vaulting solution for safe storage of valuable assets, which can be utilised by clients no matter where they are located.

This solution, which we have developed in conjunction with our trusted advisors RSM Australia, allows individuals to store their valuable assets (including bullion, cash, jewellery and important documents) in Sydney or Perth, Australia, even if they are located in another state, or indeed overseas.


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With the ever-growing importance of and reliance on data, secure data storage has never been more important. Custodian Vaults is utilised by clients throughout the region to securely store private data. Common data storage items include hard drives and flash drives for cold storage data backup in addition to secure data storage for sensitive files. Our smallest safety deposit box comfortably fits 12 x 3.5-inch drives.

Custodian Vaults data devices safe in private vault storage


Custodian Vaults is a specialist in securing valuables that simply should not be kept at home. From honorary medals to sentimental photographs and high value items, Custodian Vaults offers short and long term secure storage solutions to suit the full spectrum of client requirements.

Custodian Vaults safety deposit box displaying photos, heirlooms, war medals
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