Custodian Vaults bullion storage

Custodian Vaults is a purpose built facility in the Sydney CBD built to hold the weight of bullion as well as any other items that you need to keep safe.

As a subsidiary of Pallion, Custodian Vaults is not only built on solid bedrock, but also on 40+ years of trusted experience in the bullion industry.

Custodian Vaults has 4 different size safety deposit boxes available: Small (15kg), Medium (60kg), Large (120kg) and X-Large (240kg).
Specifically designed for the storage of bullion, we have boxes that will hold all types of bullion from single ounce coins all the way through to 15kg silver bars and monster boxes.

The boxes available at Custodian Vaults are designed so that they will not warp or become damaged by the weight of bullion storage.
We are confident that our facility provides peace of mind to our clients where other facilities may not.

Being partnered with ABC Bullion means we are well known in the industry and Custodian Vaults clients can have their bullion not only stored here safely, but also transported from our bullion partners around Australia. We can also organise buy backs, SMSF Auditing and Valuations on your metals.

Bullion acquisition, storage, valuation and auditing can be facilitated in the vault and is a convenient solution for anyone looking to store, collect or re-sell their metals.

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