What you can & cannot store in a Safety Deposit Box

What you can store:

1. Inventory of household possessions – in case anything happens to your house, you have a record of what was destroyed or taken.
This is vital information for a claim to be made of homeowners’ policy or loss of income tax return.
2. Passport if you are not a frequent international flyer
3. Original birth certificate and marriage license – safer to keep it locked away and out of risk of theft or damage
4. Valuable jewellery – beloved heirlooms, or expensive jewellery that you cannot afford to lose in your household or be exposed
5. Bullion – certain banks etc. have limitations on storing bullion
6. Important documents (either personal or financial) – insurance policies, birth, marriage and death certificates, deeds, titles, mortgages, leases and other contracts
7. Gemstones, precious metal, medals and collectables- not in regular use and needs protection
8. Irreplaceable items – such as family heirlooms, old photographs, negatives for irreplaceable photos or family videos

You may not store:
1. Liquids
2. Offensive in nature or illegal
3. Items declared 'Dangerous' or 'Hazardous' under federal legislation
4. No flammables
5. No weapons
6. Property which you do not have full legal entitlement to store to the exclusion of third parties
7. Property that will make us subject to any liability
8. Anything that requires any special handling or storage to enable its safe or effective storage.


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