What makes Custodian Vaults so secure?

Custodian Vaults is a privately owned. Government bodies or Banks does not own custodian Vaults. Custodian Vaults is backed by Australasia's leading precious metals services group, Pallion.

Being a purpose-built facility, we feature cutting-edge technology, on-site security as well as continual off-site monitoring.
Lifts & doors are operated manually and are not accessible without a booking prior to arrival.

With no signage and limited lift access the vault is incredibly discreet. This has been purposely offered for our clients to ensure their access and security of the vault is less threatening and protected.

Custodian Vaults is a surrounded facility of bedrock and has a complete shell with a time of 4-hour of fire duress. The Vault door is 2.5 tonnes and made of steel.
Our vault boxes are engineered for the weight of bullion storage, therefore each box can hold the weight that is advertised.

Depending on size can hold up to 15kg, 60kg, 120kg & 240kg.

Once in the facility, each individual is required to provide identification.

A Biometric scanner enables a fingerprint recognition system that no only confirms identity but increases the security of your contents. We take security very seriously. We require a unique identification code that will match your fingerprint scan. It is just infinitesimally unlikely for two people to have the same patterned fingerprint and therefore is a unique identifier for Security measures at Custodian. A pin on its own could be compromised, so therefore the unique advantage of linking it to a fingerprint is to completely identify the individual. If this is not a match, access is not given into the vault.

Security will walk the individual to the allocated box, and make sure the right person is at the right location. Security will assist in opening the box, and then leave you to complete your visit.
Camera surveillance is throughout the vault room, however to ensure your privacy and right to confidentiality, a private viewing room is available within the vault, containing no camera surveillance.

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