The Bank vs. Custodian Vaults

Are you storing your valuables, bullion, sentimental items, cash or documents within the banking system? Do you really know how protected your belongings are? You will be surprised by the rights the bank has to your contents and that you are not as protected as you may think.

Many banks only provide safety deposit boxes to existing clients. So where are you going to keep your belongings if you do not want to your personal account with this brand? What if we told you that you could get a lot more additional such as security and services from a private vault? Just imagine exclusive ownership, unlimited access, biometric identity recognition systems, no establishment fee, and no fee for additional persons. Not to mention the option to have your box in an individual, company or SMSF name.

If you choose to store with a Government operated body or institute, your possessions come under Banking Law Regulations and you are subject to Government regulatory restrictions. What exactly does this mean? It means that the Bank maintains complete control. They have the right to refuse you entry, keep your contents in the event of liquidation, restriction on the storage of some items, lack of accessibility & security and not to mention, keeping a copy of your keys that allow access to your box without your permission.

You may respond with, “I trust the brand”, however is it really as trustworthy as you think? Can they guarantee that no one will gain access to your box with false identification or that you are protected from inside access by staff who have a copy of your keys? At Custodian Vaults, we can guarantee you this security. Custodian Vaults does not keep a copy of your keys, you have the only 2 copies in existence. Biometrics (fingerprint scanner) & identification codes are key identifiers to access your box.

For a more valuable option, why not take advantage of the services at Custodian Vaults over banking regulations? For as little as $21 per month, you can trust that your contents will be secure in the most discreet and state-of-the-art facility in Australia.

To provide you with even better service and value, Custodian Vaults is offering 1-month free storage off your lease*. Give us a call on (02) 9011 7355 or book now online to take advantage of this great offer. 

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