Safety Lockers Sydney

Safety deposit lockers are the absolute when it comes to storing your most precious valuables safe. Sydney lockers at Custodian vaults can offer reasonable & competitive rates that enable you the piece of mind no matter the reason to store.

Sydney lockers are discreet services. This is to safeguard your associations with keeping your valuables in a more secure facility. Whether it is bullion, jewellery, family heirlooms or any sentimental item, valuables, you are making the decision to reduce risk of exposure to crime.
Custodian Vaults, a specialist in storing valuables, provides lockers that are protected  to assure your contents are shielded from any danger.

Wondering why you should not store at home, and store in a Vault Locker?
Safety lockers in a private vaulting facility automatically reduce the risk of theft and robbery. Crime statistics (2014) has indicated that regions such as Greater Sydney have had over 18,000 home robbery incidents since June 2014. Areas including Hornsby (36.6%), Ryde (7.7%), Parramatta (2.6%) & Inner South (4.4%) have all increased in Break & Enters since June 2014.

Can you afford to risk you being next??
Safety Lockers at Custodian Vaults can offer you Sydney’s best & premier private & affordable secure storage. Independent of banks & government institutions, Custodian can provide you with flexible access 6 days a week!

How does it work?
To open a safety locker in Sydney at Custodian, all that is required is photo identification upon arrival. Our locker storage is guarded with an onsite security guard & cutting edge technology with offsite monitoring, and biometrics will be set up & assigned to your safety deposit locker.

How can I gain access?
Once you come in to the facility, security will ask you to enter your identification code that is matched to your fingerprint. This is our Biometric System to identify any individual onsite. With facial recognition from security and ID check at the same time, security will escort you to your locker.
You will have full ownership over the only 2 forged keys for your locker. You will need one to open your locker.

What if I lose my keys?
If you lose one key you will lose your refundable key deposit of $250. If you lose both, you will incur the locksmith charge to open locker for content access.

What are your operating hours?
Custodian Vaults is open Monday – Friday 8:30-5:30 & EVERY Saturday 8:30-12:30.

These operating hours enable our clients, longer flexibility of access to their safety locker with unlimited access within these operating times.

Leasing options for Sydney Lockers at Custodian?
We offer long and short term leasing for our storage lockers. From overnight storage to ten-year lock in deals, our storage offers are great value! Please look at our sizes and prices page to compare.

How do I apply?

Please give us a call on 02 9011 7355 or Book a Tour now online

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