Reserve your box at Custodian Vault's new Perth Location

We are pleased to announce that we will open our doors in Perth in February 2022.

Many of our Western Australian clients have already reserved their boxes so please click on the link and follow the instructions.

Custodian Vaults is Australia's premier state-of-the-art secure storage and safety deposit box facility, offering unrivalled protection and discretion to clients. 

For 10 years, we've been providing secure storage and safety deposit boxes in Castlereagh St Sydney. Now, we're expanding across the country with our next location opening in Perth, Western Australia

About Custodian Vaults 

Custodian Vaults' mission is simple. We insist on providing secure safety deposit box solutions for our clients, complete with unrivalled service, security and privacy.  

Independent of the Australian banking system, Custodian Vaults will now offer Perth the most convenient way to store everything from bullion to documents, jewellery, hard drives and other valuables. In addition, our logistics network can provide transportation of your contents anywhere in the world. 

The Custodian Vaults facility has been designed and constructed from the ground up, incorporating unique combination of physical surveillance, cutting-edge technology and superior security including bio-metric identification, pin code access, 24-hour CCTV monitoring, alarm and fire control systems. 

Reserve your box  

If you still wish to reserve a safety deposit box within our vault, we are pleased to invite you to start your application here. Once you click this link you will be taken to our secure order online order form, where you can lock in your required service.  

Doing so now ensures that your box is reserved upon opening and you won’t miss out as places are extremely limited. Please note, even if you reserve your box now, your agreement won’t start until you take possession of the keys. 

This means even though you're reserving now, your annual agreement doesn’t begin until you attend the vault February next year personally collect the keys. Of course, you're able to select your expected 'move in' date at your convenience.  

Where will Custodian Vaults Perth be located? 

Our new address is in the heart of Perth at 50 St Georges Terrace, very close to the ABC Bullion Perth Office.  

Contact the Custodian Vaults team on 1300 665 765 or email to join or learn more about our services. 

Box Sizing and Pricing 

The Perth Custodian Vaults location has five safety deposit box options to cater to varied needs of our clients. 

Annual Charges plus $250 refundable key deposit 

Small box: $307/annum (total $557) 
Small-Medium Box: $450/annum (total $700) 
Medium Box: $504/annum (total $754) 
Large Box: $676/annum (total $926) 
Extra-large: $1,237/annum (total $1,487) 
 Sizes as per below: 

Small Box: W130mm x D480mm x H50mm 
Small-Medium Box: W130mm x D480mm x H100mm 
Medium Box: W300mm x D480mm x H50mm 
Large Box: W300mm x D480mm x H100mm 
Extra-Large: W300mm x D480mm x H200mm 

You can find more information on the sizes and storage suggestions of our Perth safety deposit boxes here

Kind regards, 

Gladys Semaan, 
General Manager, Custodian Vaults 

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