Private High Security Lockers – The Peoples’ Safe

Long the preserve of governments, banks and merchants the concept of the vault and safes goes back over 3,000 years. The Romans stored their wealth in gold and silver coin in depositories, safes and vaults throughout their empire. And it wasn’t just real money that they secured, at one point the Romans were vaulting 500 years worth of tax returns of their citizens and provincial governments.

Today, many people think of safety deposit lockers as a relic of the past, gathering dust in the basement of an old bank branch. Which is something the Australian banking industry has done nothing to dispel. Although whilst banks have lost interest in providing custodian services, and are actively shutting down what vaults and safety deposit box facilities remain, a new breed of high tech, high security companies have emerged to fill this void.

Companies such as Custodian Vaults have created purpose built underground vaults to store gold, silver, jewelry and critical documents. Unlike Australian banks, some of who’s vaults date back to the gold rush era, or at least to a time when gold and silver circulated as money, these new vaults don’t just rely on a big door. Advances in high tech electronics such as biometric scanners now verify the identity of all those accessing the vault. Sensors detect the slightest movement inside the vault and even listen for someone tapping on the outer walls. Risk of intrusion have been further reduced in Custodian Vaults’ location by having the whole vault cocooned in a case of thick, high strength concrete then burying it within the bedrock of Sydney. Further more Custodian Vaults chose to locate their vault away from train tunnels and service ducts to ensure only hundreds of tons of rock was between their vault and the outside world.

Refer to them as you will – safety deposit boxes, lockers or private vaults, what was old, very old is now new again, with high security features to mitigate 21st century risks and the scale to provide this storage at very reasonable rates. No longer do individuals have to run the risk of storage of valuables and documents in their home, with these new facilities no one need risk the loss of such items ever again.

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