Logistic Services

Custodian Vaults is Sydney’s leading storage solution provider for your valuables. Our vault is accessible 6 days per week (including Saturdays) with unlimited visits. We are a discreet state of the art facility with fingerprint identification & facial recognition services. We have security guards on site with 24/7 off site monitoring.

Independent of banks and government bodies and financially supported by the Pallion Group (ABC Bullion & Palloys), our clients are reassured that we will store their valuables to the highest standard.

Custodian Vaults has introduced an additional storage solution for clients who are travelling or store Internationally. Our logistical service is perfect for businesses, SMSF account holders, world traders or even relocation individuals that want valued products to be kept guarded for the entire service. From the purchase, to shipping, delivery, processing and storing, Custodian Vaults can provide any client with the reassurance of valuables being in safe hands every step of the way.

This service is not just for those business clients or precious metal customers, but also those who are relocating internationally, nationally or even locally, travelling on holiday or business, and even those just wanting to relocate items of high value.

To enquire please contact us on 1300 665 765 or email us at info@custodianvaults.com.au

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