How To Open An Account And Book A Tour?

This is the first step of setting up an account with the vault. And is a really simple and quick process.

We recommend spending some time on our website prior to booking a tour, here you can best see what size boxes we offer. In most cases clients like to use our messenger service to chat with one of our consultants to get more information on pricing and the service we offer. During business hours there is always someone available to help you online.

Simply click to the page ‘Book A Tour’ and select a time for your tour.

Alternatively, you can contact us via phone. Our office number is (02) 9011 7355 and you can discuss with us your needs, length of leases and any additional offers we have at that time. Over the phone we can book a tour for you. During this time we can field any questions that you may have.

Once you come to the tour we will go through the security aspects of the vault, the different sizes available and you can assess which one of the boxes that you will need. We are able to issue you with keys and contracts on the same day and the entire process will take about 20 mins from beginning to end.

How to access your box if you are an existing client

Once you have a box with Custodian Vaults you need to make an appointment to access your box. It is a requirement that we have advance knowledge of your booking, we need to make sure that security is aware of your arrival and that the vault is not undergoing any maintenance or we are transacting a large bullion delivery.

If you are simply in the CBD and need to access the box quickly or have forgotten to make an advance appointment you can call us on our direct line (02) 9011 7355 and we can organise a time and inform security of your arrival.

Once at the vault you will need to key in your personal ID number and fingerprint in order to ID you. You will also need to produce your photo ID (drivers license) and key. Either security or a consultant will open your box with you.

This is a simple, easy and secure way to access your belongings.


Open Account
Book Appointment