Considerate® Precious Metals: Pallion releases FY23 Annual Sustainability Report

Custodian Vaults and its parent Pallion is pleased to present its annual Considerate® Precious Metals Sustainability Report. This report details Pallion’s ESG initiatives for the 2023 financial year in accordance with the Pallion Sustainability and Responsibility Charter. This Pallion Considerate® Precious Metals Sustainability Report has been prepared in reference to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (‘GRI’). Leading international standards, the GRI continues to aid us in comprehensively understanding and reporting our economic, environmental, and societal impacts in a standardised manner. Our hope is that our reference to these standards will empower our clients, stakeholders, and the wider community to monitor our progress and our commitment to producing the world’s most ethically sourced precious metals.
Commenting on the 2023 Pallion Considerate® Precious Metals Sustainability Report, Pallion CEO Andrew Cochineas said, “As one of Australia’s largest private corporations with an extensive international and domestic reach, we recognise our unique opportunity and responsibility to drive positive change within our community. Our commitment to sustainability is pivotal in achieving this goal.
“It is our approach to sourcing and sustainability that stands Pallion apart. We place a strong emphasis on transparency, innovative technology and ongoing enhancement. We continue to produce the world’s most Considerate® Precious Metals.”

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