Are your assets becoming a liability

Fine jewellery is a high profile, high value target for thieves. 

Jewellery store robberies increased by 50.8%, driving total crime related jewellery losses to $81.9 million, according to preliminary results from the Jewelers’ Security Alliance since 2011.

Thursday 12th March 2015, two men robbed a Jewellery Wholesaler at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Hurstville. As the news articles state, the jewellery owner had a large suitcase of jewellery to the value of $100,000. The jewellery comprised mainly of imports from Italy.

The majority of jewellers see controlling their inventory as a top priority, however, statistics show that less than 13 percent do anything about it. Excess jewellery inventory can become a liability, with inventory most probably the largest asset. With diamonds often classed as a higher priced slower selling item, the correct measures need to be taken to ensure the utmost care and security to guarantee the value and authenticity.

So the question is, what can jewellery store-owners do to prevent jewellery robberies and burglaries?

There are many solutions that can be adopted to prevent such a tragedy, namely, private vaulting facilities. This is the most secure and affordable way to store excess inventory – stock is highly protected, with a high resolution monitoring system. 

Custodian Vaults is the premier safety deposit box provider in Sydney that offers unrivaled security and discretion to its clients. All safety deposit boxes are monitored 24/7 by an offsite independent security specialist, with additional onsite security guards during opening hours. It is mandatory that each client have their own unique pin code and fingerprint scan, allowing access through the bulletproof vault door and gaining access to their safety deposit box.

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