ABC Bullion, the proud manufacturers of the Lexus Melbourne Cup

ABC Bullion was appointed to manufacture the Melbourne Cup trophy from 2016 and onwards. Having been initially sponsored by Emirates, the cup is now proudly sponsored by Lexus and ABC Bullion is thrilled to be associated with the Lexus brand.

As part of our partnership with The Victorian Racing Club (VRC), ABC Bullion under the Pallion brand has produced the coveted 18-carat gold, 1.65kg Lexus Melbourne Cup Day trophy in addition to a number of other trophies and the Harry White Whip since 2016.

As a result of this partnership, the Melbourne Cup has been produced using gold that has been mined, refined, and crafted wholly in Australia for the first time in its 150-year history.

Valued at $200,000, the trophy contains 44 pieces that are hand spun over a 250-hour production process.

The appointment followed a competitive tender process where Pallion subsidiary ABC Bullion, was selected as the most outstanding applicant for the prestigious five year contract.

“The Lexus Melbourne Cup is the most legendary and beloved trophy in Australian racing and an international icon. As an Australian company with a rich heritage in locally sourced and produced precious metals, we’re elated to partner with the VRC for this special event on the international racing calendar.

“We look forward to using our technical expertise in precious metal to produce truly beautiful Melbourne Cups. It is a true international treasure that we are very proud to now hold within our production portfolio,” added Mr Cochineas.

2018 Lexus Melbourne Cup

VRC Chief Executive Simon Love said that the Melbourne Cup trophy has a long and proud history, as does the race itself, so the tender process to appoint the next manufacturer was taken very seriously.

“Pallion and ABC Bullion had a vision to partner with Australia’s premier racing brand and presented an exciting commercial proposition to the VRC. We are looking forward to working with ABC Bullion moving forward.”

Affectionately known as the “Loving Cup”, the Lexus Melbourne Cup trophy’s three handles symbolise the relationship between the winning jockey, trainer and owner and its timber base is hand turned from Australian Black Wattle.

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