3 Reasons Why Even the Best Home Safe Isn’t Very Safe

3 Reasons Why Even the Best Home Safe Isn’t Very Safe

When it comes to protecting your valuables it’s a pretty simple equation: the more valuable the asset, the more barriers you need to put in place to protect it from theft. But we all have budgets to consider, and we all want the convenience of immediate access to our items. Unfortunately, when it comes to securing valuables, low prices can often come at a very high cost.


Reason #1: Low-Cost, Low Quality Models Have Flooded the Market

From Bunnings to OfficeWorks, it’s easy to find an affordable safe at a retail outlet these days. The problem is: you get what you pay for.

One security expert at KGB Security put it like this: “How anyone that buys a “safe” for $40 can think it will protect anything from anyone is lost on me.” He goes on to confirm that, in his professional opinion, all Bunnings safes are low-quality and should only be used for storing items under $3,000.

Of course, it seems ideal to purchase a small wall safe or fireproof safe for your home, but the low cost models on the market just aren’t up to the job of protecting your cherished valuables from thieves.


Reason #2: Malfunctions Are Common

The second problem with low-cost, battery-operated home safes are that the battery can die at any time with your items locked inside. You may then have to pay to get it opened and pay to get it replaced.


Reason #3: A Quality Home Safe Could Make You a Target

Who hasn’t heard the stories about thieves who pry safes straight out of the walls or floorboards? According to BudgetDirect,Thieves may scope a neighbourhood out by dressing as a phone, cable or gardening professional.” If you invest in a more robust safe, it may be harder to keep it discreet, and once it’s on a thief’s radar, they just wait for the right opportunity. Remember, over 200,000 burglaries take place every year in Australia and 1 in 5 of those will be burgled more than once. At the end of the day, while losing priceless items is disheartening, no one wants to risk their family’s safety.

According to police.nsw.gov.au, many breaking and entering offences occur when it’s clear that you’re away on holiday, which gives thieves plenty of time to execute their plan--even on a very heavy safe, like a CMI. If you’re planning to depart, at least consider a safety deposit box as a vacation rental, because a couple dollars a day is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

For a chilling example of just how brazen and crafty thieves can be, check out this New York Times article. And don’t forget that if you’ve shared the combination to your bank safe with other colleagues, you’ll always be reliant on their personal moral compass.

To keep both your valuables and your family safe from thieves, consider a private vault. At Custodian Vaults, we offer biometric security and full-liability insurance, because your personal safety is paramount.

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